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    Jaguar's most advanced, efficient and refined sports saloon ever.

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    Truly effortless performance, sheer driving pleasure.

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    A dramatic combination of beauty, luxury and power.


    Jaguar’s first compact SUV.

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    Jaguar’s most practical sports car.

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    Powerful, agile and utterly distinctive F‑TYPE is a true Jaguar sports car.

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    Luxury, performance and technology taken to the highest levels to create unique Jaguar cars.

Incontrol Connectivity


Jaguar’s connectivity packages give you unrivalled connectivity within your vehicle, ensuring you, and your passengers, enjoy the journey and have a seamless in-car and out-of-car experience.



Available with InControl Touch Pro only, InControl Connect Pro consists of InControl Apps, Wi-Fi Hotstpot, Remote Premium, and Pro Services, and is designed to enhance your in-car and out-of-car experience, ensuring you and your passengers enjoy the journey whilst remaining connected to the world.



InControl Connect offers you three key features: InControl Apps which allows compatible smartphone applications to be used through the vehicle’s touch screen, Wi-Fi Hotspot which sets up a car network for up to 8 devices, and Remote Premium which allows you to interact with your vehicle remotely.

*As a number of features of InControl Touch Pro require the fitment of InControl Connect Pro.

As we roll out InControl, specific features described may be optional, and market or powertrain dependent. Please consult your local Jaguar Retailer for availability and full terms in your country. Certain features require an appropriate SIM with a suitable data contract, which will require further subscription after the initial term advised by your Retailer. Mobile connectivity cannot be guaranteed in all locations.